Why Is The Process Of Spanish Interpretation So Complicated? 


For people planning to launch a business in Spain, hiring Spanish Interpretation services is a must. It eliminates the risk of communicational mix-ups.

Doing business in Spain can be very complicated. Contrary to popular belief, Spanish or Castilian is not the only language spoken in Spain. Catalan, Basque and Galician are other commonly spoken languages in the country. Plus, there are also linguistic differences in the Spanish spoken in South American countries and the version spoken in Spain. Here’s a brief look at the languages of Spain and why Spanish interpretation/translation can be so complicated –


Galician, sounds similar to Portuguese. Spoken mainly in the Galicia region of North-Western Spain, both Spanish and Galician are recognized as the official languages of this region. Although most Galician are bilingual, for people planning to do business with people from this region, it is very important to ensure that their communicational preferences are respected.


Basques are an ethnic group completely different from the Spanish. Typically found in the Bay of Biscay region and other parts of Central Spain and Sothern France, the Basque population speaks a language that has no known roots. This language is not related to any other European or world language. Hence for businesses aiming to make a genuine connection with businesses or people from the Basque country, it’s vital that you have the skill to translate your documents into both Spanish and Basque.


Catalan is the unofficial (yet most important) language of the North-Western state of Catalonia. Since this state is home to one of the richest cities in the world – Barcelona, countless businesses from all around the world have links with this region. One of the wealthiest regions of Spain, Catalonian Nationalists have been fighting for an independent state for a very long time. In 2017-18, this conflict became intense as a referendum for leaving Spain held by the Catalonian people was declared illegal by the Spanish authorities. For anyone interested in doing business in this region, understanding the cultural and political situation is extremely important.

The Need for Expert Interpreters

For anyone interested in doing business in Spain, hiring professional and Affordable Spanish interpretation services is a must. Interpretation goes deeper than a mere translation of words. Interpreters are required to have a clear understanding of the region’s cultural and political scenario. Only then can fruitful business relationships be established. A professional interpreter will be able to differentiate between the languages, cultural significance and apply an up-to-date understanding of the language and help businesses create long-term relationships with their Spanish counterparts.

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What Are The Principles Of High-Quality Portuguese Interpretation Services?

Providing effective Portuguese Interpretation Services is a tricky process. To deliver an error-free service, there are some principles that must be followed. 

Providing effective Portuguese Interpretation Services is a tricky process. To deliver an error-free service, there are some principles that must be followed.

Interpretation is an intricate process that needs a high level of expertise. Professional interpreters and linguists must devise a transparent process of developing an organized method of interpreting, especially when valuable information is at stake (conferences, museums, etc.) Freeman Tilden, widely considered to be the father of cultural interpretation, outlined some core concepts on how to effectively provide interpretation services. Here are some of the main ideas –

Adapting to the Audience

An interpreter must always adjust his or her way of interpreting information in order to suit the audience. Different age groups have varied needs and speeds of information processing. For instance, interpreting a cultural course to teenagers will be a wildly different practice compared to interpreting to a group of professional historians. People from different age groups and professions respond to varying types of interpretive programs.

Painting a Clear Picture 

Interpretation is a conceptual process. Interpreters have no right to cherry-pick certain bits of information. They must be trained to clarify the relationships between various topics, painting a clear picture in the listener’s mind. Interpretation is a conceptual process that should aim to light a fire of curiosity in the minds of the listener.

Incite, Don’t Inform

The role of interpreters is crucial in bridging cultures. Hence, merely blurting out translated text is not enough. The interpreter must be able to read between the lines and grasp the essence of a document or speech. The goal of interpretation is to incite the listener to learn more about a culture or a topic. If people just wanted a translation, they would get a machine to do it. High Grade Portuguese Interpretation Services in Bangalore are focused on getting more people to appreciate a new language and a new culture.

Making the experience personal

The way an art-major interprets the works of Vincent Van Gogh is very different from how a layman would interpret it. According to Tilden, interpretation is an art form. And like every art form, it should aim to rise above the facts. An interpreter must focus on making his or her interpretation sessions personalized. Adjusting the courses in a way that the listener fully appreciates the information that he or she is receiving is a fundamental aspect of professional interpretation.

On the surface, interpretation may seem like a tedious profession that requires linguists to translate thousands of words. However, experts who delve into this art form get to truly appreciate the various intricacies involved in the process of interpreting.

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